Commercial Energy Compensation Claims

Commercial Energy Claims

Free No Obligation Audit


We offer a free no obligation audit of your past and present commercial energy agreements to determine if you qualify for this NO WIN NO FEE commercial legal journey.


Upon successful vetting of your case we would then match you to one of our legal panel who have demonstrated their expertise in this area of commercial litigation.


Following the initial vetting process we ask that you sign the engagement documents, after which your potential claim will be fully vetted and the legal journey may commence. At this point we would step back from the process, leaving you in the capable hands of the legal team allocated to your case.

If your company used a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) / Energy Broker when setting up its Gas/Electricity agreement, you may be able to make a claim for compensation in respect of the commissions which were included in your energy contract, you may not have been informed fully of these "hidden commissions".


These are often substantial sums of money, sometimes up to 50% of the total cost.


£30,000 Gas/Electricity costs over the agreement term with a 50% commission included for the broker means you’ve actually paid the broker, via the supplier, £15,000 commission.


We work closely with some of the U.K.’s leading solicitors and barristers who are experts in the field of financial mis-selling.

This area of commercial litigation is not straightforward; it can be a complex area of the law. It is for that reason that we work closely with a number of U.K. lawyers who we have identified to meet the requirements of each individual case.

Our aim is to ensure that you are connected to the right legal team and that the necessary onboarding process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

To Qualify...

You must have used a TPI / broker to set up the agreement/s. You must have paid a minimum of £36,000 over the term of the agreement which would work out at approximately £1000 per month over a 3 year agreement, or approximately £1500 per month over a 2 year agreement.


We are concerned with what you have paid rather than future payments, although if successful the future commissions would be removed from the existing agreement, or you would be free to find another more suitable, transparent supplier of your choice.


What is a TPI?


‘Third Party Intermediary’ – also known as energy brokers or energy consultants.


Will claiming affect my existing agreement?


This should not affect any existing agreements. If your claim is successful you will be in the position of negotiating a contract without any hidden or secret commissions. Your permission would always be required for any amendments or alterations to your contract.


Can I contact my supplier or the broker directly to sort this out by myself?


You can but we would not recommend that you do. This is not a straightforward area of law and you are very likely to encounter difficulties and hurdles in the course of that journey. Your claim for compensation may not be resolved in correspondence and may  lead to a contested civil trial.


This is a discreet area of commercial litigation and we advise strongly that the best approach is that you engage the services of those who have an expertise and pedigree in this area. If you attempt to resolve the matter yourself you may find it difficult or impossible to obtain the information that is required to progress the matter.


The rules of civil law are often complex for experienced lawyers who know which documents to request and how to apply for them, for the lay person they can be extremely daunting.


Our advice is that this is an area of the law that requires the type of specialist knowledge and proficiency that those practicing in the area of commercial litigation have.


What does it cost me for using this service?


Absolutely nothing until your case has been won, then your legal team would charge a percentage of the amount they recover for you. This percentage is agreed in advance between you and the firm of solicitors. You keep the remainder.

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